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Our Client is a Leading Listed Property Development and Management Group.

Centre Manager


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Job Type: Permanent
Location: Kuala Lumpur
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CV Offer: USD210
Contact Offer: USD70
CV Offer: USD1400
Contact Offer: USD210
Posting Date: 02-24-2024
Expiry Date: 12-31-2024



  • Plan, set up, organize, and ensure the seamless execution of all mall management matters, including mall operations, fit-out, maintenance, tenant and tenancy management, and customer service.
  • Ensure strict adherence to requirements, procedures, and guidelines provided by HQ.
  • Overseeing building and car park planned preventive maintenance, security, safety, housekeeping, maintenance of facilities, landscaping, and related services.
  • Ensure efficient and safe operation of all building systems and services, including implementation of OSH at the workplace.
  • Oversee the Leasing and Marketing department on leasing, tenancy, and marketing operation matters, including prospect site visits and new tenant coordination.
  • Arrange manpower to support any events conducted in the mall by the Leasing and Marketing Department or Event Manager.
  •  Establish and maintain strong relationships with tenants, suppliers, contractors, consultants, and relevant authorities to address operational issues effectively.
  • Ensure statutory compliance with Local Authority requirements and regulations governing the mall's operation.
  • Timely application for and renewal of all necessary licenses and permits.
  • Develop, manage, and monitor annual budgets in line with board approval.
  • Ensure collection of rents, service charges and GTO rents, including casual incomes.
  • Liaise with lawyers for arrears and bad debts.
  • Ensure proper control of operations expenditure and management of service charges.
  • Ensure adherence to set budgetary constraints and standard operating procedures.
  • Introduce and implement policies, activities, and procedures necessary for day-to-day operations within the mall.
  • Plan and conduct annual fire drills to uphold the mall's safety and security standards.
  • Continuously review and enhance the safety, security, and efficiency of the buildings.
  • Prepare and submit monthly reports and other requested reports to HQ and/or the clients within specified deadlines.
  • Conduct monthly meetings with the HODs.
  • Provide clear and timely communication with all tenants, addressing complaints and feedback.
  • Ensure that all contracts, agreements, and licenses are valid and renewed promptly.
  • Manage and evaluate all outsourced contractors, both M&E and non-M&E, to ensure contractors meet performance standards.
  • Oversee purchasing procedures and manage tender processes according to HQ procurement policy.
  • Review and ensure monthly payments are conducted accurately and efficiently.
  • Stay informed about industry trends and developments, providing suggestions for enhancing mall operations.
  • To review any proposal of upgrading, rectification, and/or replenishment and to make recommendations for board approval.
  • Alert the board of critical matters requiring attention, including collection issues, extraordinary expenditures, safety and security concerns, tenant feedback, and promotional opportunities.
  • Lead, supervise, and conduct annual appraisals for all site staff, ensuring a motivated and high-performing team.
  • Undertake any other duties and responsibilities as assigned from time to time.


  • Bachelor’s degree in building construction, valuation, surveying, engineering, architecture, or related disciplines.
  • 3 years of relevant experience in Mall / Property Management.
  • Good command of English and Bahasa Malaysia, both written and spoken (Mandarin is an added advantage).
  • Proficient in using MS Excel, MS Word, and MS PowerPoint.
  • Knowledge and skills in building construction, valuation, engineering, or architecture
  • Retail industry knowledge is an advantage.
  • Basic knowledge of accounting.
  • Strong leadership and organizational skills and detail-oriented with a high level of accuracy.
  • Self-starter and able to work effectively with minimum supervision.