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Kuala Lumpur

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Our Client is a Listed Investment Holding Company.

Senior Manager, Group Human Capital


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Job Type: Permanent
Location: Kuala Lumpur
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Contact Offer: USD210
Posting Date: 02-24-2024
Expiry Date: 12-31-2024



To plan, direct, manage and control the overall HCM operations in the Group in line with organizational policies and prevailing statutory requirements to promote a conducive working environment for employees and to support the operation requirements in achieving the business objectives.


1. Management and supervision of all HCM functions

  • Monitor the development and implementation of HC management systems, including the introduction of HR tools, systems and/or software.
  • Identify and implement strategic HC initiatives to ensure the Group has the right people in place at the right time including development initiatives for existing staff and ensuring terms and conditions of service are in place to attract and retain key staff.
  • Support the Senior Management in the management of talent in the Group for a continuous talent pool for succession planning.
  • Review and recommend organizational models, structures and processes that are appropriate for the Group as it grows and develops.

2. Policies and Procedures

  • Monitor the effective and efficient implementation of policies and practices about all HCM matters to ensure consistency and transparency.
  • Review HCM processes and procedures to make appropriate amendments where necessary and/or develop new policies to ensure the relevancy of current policies about business and operational needs.
  • Provide advice, guidance, and information to the Group on matters pertaining or relating to HCM policies and procedures in all areas of HCM to ensure the Company’s workforce understands and implements correctly the HCM guiding policies and procedures.

3. Manpower Planning

  • Identify and develop appropriate and comprehensive plans for manpower requirements, and effectively manage the planning process to ensure the availability of the right number of manpower to support operational requirements and business objectives.
  • Develop and effectively manage recruitment and placement strategies and plans, ensuring correct job-person match to meet operating requirements and objectives.

4. Remuneration and Benefits Management

  • Monitor the effective and efficient management of the salaries and benefits structure, in line with the Group's policies and practices, within the relevant legal requirements.
  • Review and identify the relevance of the compensation and rewards structure against current policies, business needs and market practices in line with HCM’s compensation philosophy and retention plans.

5. Talent Management

  • Manage the overall talent in the Group in terms of HCM areas such as its learning and development, competencies, career management, and equity internal and external, to ensure that those talents in the Group are of top quality.
  • Develop strategies for the Group’s position management in terms of initiating projects and/or initiatives for the long and short term to ensure contribution to the overall requirements of the Group in its talent and human capital management. These projects/initiatives include Job Analysis, Job Descriptions, Job Evaluation and Job Competencies Profiling.
  • Develop, strategies for the Group’s talent development in terms of initiating projects and/or initiatives for the long and short term to ensure contribution to the overall requirements of the Group in its talent and human capital management. These projects/initiatives include Development Interventions, Coaching & Mentoring Modelling, High Potentials Identification and Talent Pool Management.
  • Prepare appropriate staff training and development plans which support the requirements of the business.
  • Review the learning and development practices to ensure the development programs and initiatives in the Group are in line with the organization’s business strategy and objectives.

6. Employee and Industrial Relations

  • Identify and develop comprehensive employee relations strategies and plans to ensure a harmonious industrial climate through effective management.
  • Provide advisory services in compliance with employment/labour-related legislation and best practices, assist with the investigations, facilitate the grievance process and participate in collective bargaining.
  • Represent the organization in various Union disputes (e.g., arbitrations, mediation, and other procedures).

8. Information Communication Technology

  • Lead the ICT operations, including performance management, client support services, application development, and process maintenance, with a focus on excellence to cultivate a productive and positive work environment.
  • Oversee the maintenance of the Management Information System (MIS), including data management for the Group.

9. Administration, Procurement and Property

  • Ensuring the office and facilities are well maintained and provide an excellent work environment.
  • Review options for outsourcing of non-core functions of the Group.
  • To ensure the procurement process is efficient and complies with the Group's policies and procedures.
  • Monitor all contracts to meet legal and financial requirements.

10. Budgeting

  • Monitor budget preparation to ensure timely and accurate preparation of the consolidated HCM budget for management approval.
  • Continuously monitor actual expenditure against budget and undertake appropriate control measures to ensure HCM operations are conducted cost-effectively within the approved budget.


  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Minimum 9 years of related experience in a unionised environment
  • Special Skills/Knowledge: EA1955, Labor Laws, IR Act, Competency Framework, Strategic & Operational HR, PMS, HRIS, Experience in a unionised environment.
  • Competencies: 
    • Problem Solving & Decision Making,
    • Communication Skill
    • People Management
    • Analytical Thinking